2 hours of read ups.


I have been missing in action for decades eh?! Apologize on that matter as there is so many obstacles i did go tru’ and now I didnt even realize its 3 months to my wedding!!? Before i posted this entry ,i had actually read all the 2014 BTBs latest entry and found so many stories. Some of the stories were sad ones and some were funny ones. Life is very much interesting right? With just 2 hours I spent on reading BTBs blog, i feel my knowledge and experience topped up instantly. Syukur Alhamdulilah~ 

As the day getting nearer, the obstacles getting tougher and i am sure all BTBs/GTBs agree with that. Lets just pray that Allah akan mempermudahkan segala urusan kita.. insya allah.. Amin~

On a side note, me and fiance gonna get super busy as it is 3 months to the day. Keep calm and prep on!

The short hiatus.

Forgive me for the short hiatus BTBs. I have been sincerely busy with my new job and also trying to lose some weight. I was inspired when I read how Bride Barista could do it and I wanna be just like her.. Syukur Alhamdulilah I lost about 2kg as a start..still a looong way to go but a pat on my shoulder for that 2kg. :))

So i have heard about EW recently and feel kinda sad and sympathize on that particular couple on the incident. Please Please Please do your research BTBs…when things happened , you can only weep but  its all over and done …isnt it sad?? So, if you dont want to land urself in that same situation, heed our advise. Insya Allah you will be saved from that drama.

Well apart from that, me and Mr Fiance have been on and off finding ideas for our Pre-Wedding photoshoot.We have been trying to look up for ideas,places,colors,props etc .  We will blow up the chosen photo and make it as a greeting/welcoming element during our big day and therefore theme of the photoshoot should remain as how our wedding theme is-Rustic Vintage.

We are sourcing for Vespa or any vintage-e stuffs to use as props for our shoot. Please do comment and leave links if  my dear Btbs have any ideas ok?? Thank you so muchie!

Here are some photos inspired for our Pre-wedding shoot.. go oogle at them!!! ;P



It’s been kinda long since i last update my blog. Apologies to fellow bloggers, I have been way too busy with my new job and it is my foundation period ,so alot of training -exactly like Polytechnic days… haiz…

I have also been busy with trying to lose excess baggage of mine… so far Alhamdulilah.. manage to eat healthily for 1 week plus already… I really hope i can see the difference in my weight.. 🙂 

Oh yes,should address things which i have left off previously-my dulang hantaran. 

Yes i would probably change to Bonito by Bob but it depends on how much Our Midas Touch gonna forfeit my deposit la.. if too much then tak worth it kan?? hmmm…

I am also wondering if anyone has any idea of any one who can do fantastic vintage style wedding hairstyle?? I am really wanting a vintage look for my last outfit on my wedding day -to suit my wedding theme of rusticvintage of course . Please do tell me pls pls pls if you guys have any contacts ok … ? 😉 thanks you allz..

Ok I am actually very tired..after so long not being at work, i feel so old having all the muscle pain back pain etc. 

Lama-lama i think i will just look as old as my Ah peks and Ah ems in the ward la ~ … boo~


Wedding trays.

Erm…I am having a major dillemma.. when i saw farhana frm Kahwin-Kronicles post up on the weddings trays from Bonito by Bob , i got this evil tots of changing mine… hur hur hur…its so me la…the crates and the acrylic cover thingy.!! How btbs??? I am so so in Love with those pretty trays by Bob…. should i ?? shouldnt I?? 

arrrgghh!! hate this feeling… grrr

EXTRA baggage of mine.

When I read one of the BTB’s blog regarding her weight lost journey(Bride Barista)and how much weight she have lost , (26kg mind you!) I sighed. I feel kinda sad that everytime I am depressed,I tend to gobble down on food when usually depression will somehow leads to weight loss-well..everyone is different i guess.Things haven’t been on our side too and with the demise of my foster girl recently,I am even more depressed beyond words.I am left with 11 months to go before my big day and i definitely wanna lose the weight and look good for my big day-i meant not to be super skinny stick la (that would be crazy because i am extremely obese now) just look plump but nice -you know what i meant i guess..and having a lean,slim and tall fiance is giving me added pressure. Worse thing is, he is working in the service industry( Flight attendant) and imagine all the gorgeous girls that he sees everyday…omg??!!! Although he won’t go astray but still i cannot take things for granted right? I don’t want to be insecure with my size for god knows how long..I wanna be back to my old M size body… Oh yes and for all of you who didn’t know I gained a lot of weight like gigantic transformation from M size to 5XL size for a time period of 5 years..depressing much?? yes!!! All thanks to Depression. The major contributing factors was my failed engagement…But let bygones be bygones…I just want to lose weight and look good for myself and make my fiance proud of me ( like he is not proud of me enuf eh?!) i dont care..I still want him to be proud even if he says he is already proud because men always tell lies…!! hahahaah!! Ok since today is Monday and the start of the week,I shall start brisk walking around my neighbourhood tonight?It has to start somewhere or I will never get anywhere!



Our Entertainment Service.

M.I Studios

Actually the reason why we chose M.I because comparatively one of the most affordable and comprises of a lot of services.Ang Nizam is very easy to discuss with too. Yup I had to book Karaoke because my family loves it so much!! (Lantak lah sape nak nyanyi,sedap atau sumbang,asalkan korg hepi k!! lol)

P.S. I am so happy i get to have DJ Aidi for my event!! yay…!! he is likeable amogst the makciks and pakciks ok..!! lol

So Karaoke & DJ.-Checked

So, what else eh people???

Please enlighten me..??

-Berkat still pending on what to choose

-Kadi will leave dat to Mister to choose and book.

-Pre-marital course will enrol around May next year.

-Tailoring of our baju for exchange of dulang-please provide any good,affordable tailor pls?

-Bridesmaids,Bestmans attire will buy material and send for tailor next year May-June

-Booking of venue at least 5 months before-so not yet ..due in Feb-March next year.

-Buying of barang dulang -only starting when GSS starts next year or some maybe during christmas sale-cheap cheap 🙂

-Room deco- self decorating…will find inspiration and ideas as time goes on..my mom bought me bridal bedsheet shipped from US already..very fluffy white lacy…so pweety..!! And cost about $300++..she bought the bedsheet as my wedding present..I appreciate it much ..Love momsie so much!!

Wah so stressful i tell you…thinking about the $$$ even more stressful!! And i am sure most BTBs are in the same boat as me…nvm we will survive and make it happen ok beybeh ? !! lol

Anymore ???? BTBs!! please input something preety pls… ?? I wanna make sure I am on track ..


Our Photobooth.

Wishing Wand.

Initially there is no idea of having photobooth until we went to wedding expo and saw them beside Fatimah Mohsin’s booth..We took picture using the props provided and was having fun and tot why not eh instill some fun for the guests???!! So we ended up securing a slot with them and getting their unlimited package where unlimited shots can be taken and guests could bring home their photos decorated with their very own photo jackets at no cost ok!! I loike! i also want to play at the photo booth on my wedding day..I dont care! haha!!

So Photobooth-Checked.


Our Cards & Wedding trays.

Our Midas Touch.

I have make use of my previous downpayment with OMT from my past engagement and thankfully I still keep the receipt… So yes her card are pretty simple and her trays is pretty too. Anyways I’m not so particular with card coz I think that least $$ should be spent on those-its for informing and to be thrown away after dat mah…if can i just wanna give paper flyers aje..but haiz…nanti org tua ckp ape pulak kan?? So ya just make do with the basic cards but trays must be pretty and detailed hor 😛

So cards and wedding trays + sireh dara+bunga pahar+bunga rampai-Checked.


Our Cake & Dessert Bar.

Me and mister decided to scrap away from doing the normal 2-3 tier wedding cake, we have decided to put a wedding dessert bar instead as we find it more worthwhile having a selection of desserts on a pretty table set up according to our preffered style and theme.Tot of Ola Lola dessert bar (because im cousin-related with one of them) but then, counting on with my budget and also I like my stuff to be more detailed and elaborated, me and mister decided on Dessert Artisan as the dessert bar is only for distribution towards the end of event -similarl to wedding cake right?? Although a bit pricey comparatively to basic wedding cakes , its worthwhile. Remember I am all about decor and pretty stuffs??! lol..

So wedding cake aka dessert table-checked.

some photos of their dessert bar-now go feed on those pretty gorgeous dessert photos will you ?? 😛